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Upper Elementary Geometry - Area - Nienhuis AMI

Upper Elementary Geometry - Area - Nienhuis AMI

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This is a comprehensive collection for all work associated with Area in higher elementary geometry.

Includes word problems for the following topics:
- Area of ​​rectangles
- Area of ​​parallelograms
- Area of ​​a square
- Area of ​​a triangle
- Surface of a rhombus
- Kite area
- Trapezium surface
- Area of ​​an irregular quadrilateral
- Area of ​​a regular polygon
- Area of ​​an irregular polygon
- Circumference of a circle
- Area of ​​a circle
- Area of ​​a sector
- Area of ​​major minor segments
- Area of ​​a ring

The study is set up to facilitate its presentation. The complete solution includes the following:
- Notes for teachers and answer key
- Word problem cards with main questions
- Separate choice cards to answer basic questions

Age: 3-6 and 6-12 years old

Class area: Geometry / Sensory

Reference: ELC3036

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Approved material: The Nienhuis Montessori brand was created in 1929 in the Netherlands by Albert Nienhuis, who collaborated with Maria Montessori to create products reflecting his vision of education. It is officially recognized by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

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