Maria Montessori : l'histoire inspirante d'une femme médecin pionnière en Italie

Maria Montessori: One of the first female doctors in Italy

Maria Montessori was born in 1870 in the Marche region, Italy. She moved to Rome at age 12. She comes from a bourgeois, strict family, which predestines her for a career as a teacher. However, she turns out to be passionate about mathematics; which encourages him to integrate a technical school for boys despite the reluctance of his father.
She discovers biology there, it will be a revelation: she wants to become a doctor. However, she faced many refusals, because at that time the profession of doctor was still only reserved for men.

Courageous and stubborn, Maria Montessori does not give up. In 1892, she met the pope who gave her the right to study medicine. Thus, despite the hostilities of those around her, she applied to the Faculty of Medicine in Rome and obtained a scholarship there. Due to her status as a woman, some courses are prohibited. She is forced to study and practice at night, especially dissections.

In 1896, at age 26, she became one of the first female medical graduates in Italy. Then she worked for two years at the psychiatric clinic of the University of Rome. It was there that she developed the first principles of her pedagogical method which has become famous today: Montessori pedagogy.

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