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Longer phonetic reading series (blue) (in English) - Nienhuis AMI

Longer phonetic reading series (blue) (in English) - Nienhuis AMI

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This is the series, more commonly known as the blue series; also known as the Longer Phonetic Series. The emphasis here is on introducing blends with short vowel words of four or more letters, followed by longer words containing more syllables.

The series contains 10 main sections , each of which has the following elements:
- Identification of mixed sounds and associations to their symbols:
- Mix Sorting Strips (set of 9 strips with three mixes in each strip). Includes 3 corresponding images for each mixed sound) including mixes like: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, etc.

- Beginning of the decoding of mixtures with words with short vowels, of more than three letters:
- Construction of word-objects (38 miniature objects in total)
- Construction of image-words (30 images to form 5 different groups)
- Three-part card matching (34 three-part cards)
- Object/tag matching (tags to match 15 objects)

- Beginning of the encoding of mixtures with words with short vowels, of more than three letters:
- Picture/word matching (44 pictures)
- Pictures-puzzle (36 pictures that form vertical puzzles)
- Middle vowel sorting activity (36 frames with image and beginning and ending sounds)
- Word lists (22 word lists)

- Encoding of mixtures with words with short vowels, of more than three letters:
- Mid-vowel substitution (16 frames, each frame containing two words)

- Reading words with a short vowel of more than three letters with mixtures to bring out the meaning:
- Word/not word (25 words)

- Reading sentences and expressions with three-letter, short-vowel words, with mixtures for meaning:
- Sentences to objects (6 sets of sentences that go with the corresponding objects)

- Read secret words, with a short vowel, of more than 3 letters, with mixtures (adjectives and verbs) to determine their meaning:
- Secret words (44 words for verbs; 24 words for adjectives)

- Reading expressions and sentences of more than 3 letters, words with short vowels and compound words to determine their meaning:
- Phrases and sentences corresponding to images (4 sets of 6 sentences corresponding to 6 images for each series).

- Reading words longer than 3 letters, short vowels with mixtures in sentences, for meaning :
- Command cards (8 commands)
- Read sentences with three-letter words and short vowels to identify their meaning.
- Books (6 books containing words of more than three letters, mixtures and words to see).

Age: 3-6 years old

Class area:

Reference: EC0662

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