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Fundamental Needs of Humans - Nienhuis AMI

Fundamental Needs of Humans - Nienhuis AMI

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Completely updated and reformatted for a true multicultural perspective. Students now have the opportunity to discover cultures from all continents. Amid unprecedented wealth in most of the world, there are still individuals in countries struggling with poverty, hunger and substandard housing. Our behaviors are based on our past experiences and, in turn, our experiences are shaped according to the level of satisfaction of our different needs.

According to a cross-cultural study, basic human needs fall into the following categories:
- Art
- housing
- Feed
- clothing
- Religion
- Communication
- Transportation, and
- defense.

Aware that the potential of our basic needs is essential to the development of our abilities as human beings, we have approached this subject from a broader perspective. As Montessorians, we believe that by understanding these needs, our children can become self-reliant individuals. Each image is a hand-drawn work of art by Varvara Larionova.

Depicting the basic needs of people from diverse cultures, each design has been carefully illustrated to show the complex needs that man faces as he evolves and grows through the ages. Help your children understand what remarkable beings we are and how our societies and cultures have evolved over the years. Choose a period, choose a concept and let your students explore, discover, research and understand.

Ideally used with our BC/AD timeline (TL-028). The kit contains
- 48 hand drawn pictures
- 48 newly reformatted text cards
- Labels
- Ready to be cut and laminated

Age: 3-6 and 6-12 years old

Class area: Discovery of the world

Reference: ELC5074

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Approved material: The Nienhuis Montessori brand was created in 1929 in the Netherlands by Albert Nienhuis, who collaborated with Maria Montessori to create products reflecting his vision of education. It is officially recognized by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

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