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Ma Petite Planète Montessori

Lasting shape - The owl

Lasting shape - The owl

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Motor skills with the lacing shape: Nothing could be simpler!

Working on fine motor skills and dexterity while having fun is possible. All you have to do is understand the gesture of lacing and invent all sorts of possible seams.

Presentation :
Take the shape horizontally in your non-dominant hand and the shoelace in your dominant hand. Show that you are holding the lace on the side without the knot. Feed the lace through a hole from below and pull to the knot that is blocking. Then pass the shoelace through the next hole (on the right) from above and pulled, and so on...

When the child takes the hand, he will want to do well, help him by guiding him. When the child resumes the activity on his own, he will explore it and may not proceed in the same way, leave it.

Skills worked
- Focus
- Fine motor skills
- Coordination
- Autonomy
- Self-confidence
- Inhibitory control
- Introduction to sewing

Your activity includes:
- The wooden stand
- A colored lace

Features :
- Minimum age: 3-6 years old
- Nontoxic
- Hand painted, lead and phthalate free
- European Origin Wood

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    Montessori, really?

    In the Practical Life area of ​​our 3-6 year old class, we offer many activities to stimulate fine motor skills. The lace-up shape is one of them. This activity, which requires dexterity and concentration, is an excellent fine motor activity.

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