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Ma Petite Planète Montessori

Dolphin figurine box

Dolphin figurine box

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Develop your child's French and English vocabulary with this Montessori language activity

Educational goals :

We imagined these boxes for kindergarten children to stimulate memory, promote vocabulary development and develop general culture.

Fun use:

After naming the theme addressed to your child, give him a presentation of the activity, according to the principle of the 3-step lesson* by E. Seguin and taken over by Maria Montessori (see small user guide). Your child will be able to pair the miniature with the associated card while naming the figurines.

Children who can read can resume the activity on their own; the others will also enjoy manipulating the activity and thus working on their memory.

Your box includes:

  • A wooden box produced in Ukraine
  • Set of 10 figurines: White-beaked dolphin / White-beaked dolphin - Irrawaddy dolphin / Irrawaddy dolphin - Long-nosed dolphin / Long-beaked dolphin - Blue and white dolphin / Striped dolphin - Atlantic spotted dolphin / Atlantic spot dolphin - Pacific humpback dolphin / Indo pacific humpback dolphin - Bottlenose dolphin / Bottlenose dolphin - White-sided dolphin / Atlantic white-sided dolphin - Southern right whale dolphins - Hourglass dolphin
  • Cards in French and English including vocabulary to pair with the figurines
  • A short explanatory guide for parents

Features :

  • Minimum age: 3+
  • Nontoxic
  • Lead and phthalate free
  • European Origin Wooden Box
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Montessori, really?

The development of language, between 0 and 6 years old, is a fundamental period that promotes the development of intelligence. To stimulate language, it is important to use sustained and specific terms with the child. In addition, in our Montessori classes, we offer them the possibility of manipulating small figurines to promote the acquisition of vocabulary in French and English.

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