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Observe Montessori

Montessori BOM Cards - Observe Montessori

Montessori BOM Cards - Observe Montessori

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A great game to learn new words and formulate your first simple sentences

Educational goals :
Learn new words, discover the environment and get into reading.
The nomenclature cards are a great evolutionary tool to enrich the vocabulary of our children. They can be used from 15 months in oral language as well as in reading children, in written language.
This material is progressive and its use can be spread over several years, with a different objective and use at each stage!

Around 15 months, children go through the sensitive period of language. It is therefore interesting to offer them activities in line with their development.

For the little ones, you can:

- Place the different categories (fruits, vegetables, etc.) in different pockets. He will have the opportunity to discover them independently. You can then name the images with it.

- From 18 months, you can offer him an object-image pairing activity. Use figurines ( animal figurines from Schleich for example) or objects associated with the image.

Your box includes:
  • 600 realistic photo cards, rounded corners and color coding
  • 10 categories in the daily life of children: Home, Food, Fruits, Vegetables, Transport, Sports, Animals, Music, Clothing and accessories, Cooking.
  • 3 types of cards: filled in cards, blank cards, word tickets.
Features :
  • Box dimensions: 14 x 23 x 10 cm
  • CE standard
  • Developed in France and printed in Turkey on paper from sustainably managed forests
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