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Sound boxes - GAM AMI

Sound boxes - GAM AMI

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Sound boxes develop auditory discrimination through pairing exercises and classification of a series of sounds. This item consists of two sets of 6 sealed wooden cylinders, rated from very soft to loud, containing materials that produce a distinctive sound when shaken. Each set is stored in a wooden box.

Approved material : Partner of Maria Montessori since its origins, Gonzagarredi offers AMI-approved Montessori material at attractive prices. A quality range for all audiences.

Age: 3-6 years old

Class area: Sensory

Skills worked:
- Refinement of the auditory sense
- Development of willpower and concentration.
- Indirect preparation for music, listening.
- Exploration of the environment.
- Construction of the mathematical mind (logical mind).
- Building intelligence.

Reference: 1MM038

For all GAM products, the delivery is longer (on average 1 to 2 weeks) and depends on the stocks at the manufacturer.

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Montessori, really?

Gonzagarredi is one of only three companies in the world to produce Montessori teaching materials with the supervision and accreditation of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), headquartered in Amsterdam.

Gonzagarredi manufactures the highest quality children's materials in natural and colored wood. All of their products conform to Maria Montessori guidelines. They are designed to last over time and meet the demands of frequent, daily use. Many establishments (structures), crèches, micro-crèches, MAMs, nursery schools, kindergartens have long been faithful to the equipment coming out of the workshops of the Italian firm, it is a guarantee of seriousness.

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