Approuvé par les parents : La collection de livres pour les bébés et les tout-petits

Our selection of 0-2 year old books

The taste for reading is shared and developed from an early age. A baby or child who is accustomed to reading early is more likely to become a regular reader. However, we cannot put any book in the hands of a little one: the books must be adapted to the age of the child.

1/ White on Black , Tana Hoban, Paperback

For toddlers, it may be a good idea to prefer books that are not overloaded with information. Black and white picture books like Tana Hoban's are perfect for the first few months, as children can focus exclusively on the shapes. Even before they perceive colors, babies perceive contrasts: black on white and white on black.

2/ My first book in black and white , the very young Montessori, The school library

This book from the Les tout petits Montessori collection also plays on contrasts. In addition, it presents shapes that babies recognize during the first months of their life: human faces and familiar objects. Then, more complex figures allow them to exercise their vision.

Picture books, in color or not, are perfect for toddlers, especially because they are not yet able to understand how a story unfolds. Thanks to the picture book, the toddler learns to recognize objects and animals.

In addition, he develops his fine motor skills by touching the book and trying to turn the pages.

4/ My very first Montessori picture book , Marie-Hélène Place and Caroline Fontaine-Riquier, Baby Balthazar, Hatier youth

This picture book is intended for children between 0 and 18 months. It presents everyday objects that surround them. Do not hesitate to make the link with real life!

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