Nos conseils pour choisir les bons livres

Our tips for choosing the right books

The taste for reading is shared very early. The earlier you introduce your child to books, the easier it will be for them to develop their attraction to books. However, be careful not to put any book in his hands! It is important to be attentive to what is offered to him: the books must systematically be adapted to the age of the child.

When they are very young, it is better to choose books with pictures sorted by categories or families. It is wise to favor books that present colors, shapes or numbers separately so as not to complicate the information too much.

From the age of 2, you can read stories of everyday life to him. Let's choose stories with human characters first. The child must be able to understand the reality that surrounds him before being able to apprehend the imaginary universes.

The problem of motor skills must also be taken into account. Therefore, consider adapting the material and weight of the book to the age and size of the child. Thus, for example, fabric or foam books are recommended from 7 months, cardboard books from 10 months, while thick paper books are recommended from 18 months. Then, all shapes are possible!

Teach your child how to take care of these little gems so they don't get damaged.


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