Idées cadeaux d’anniversaire (3-5 ans) ?

Birthday gift ideas (3-5 years old)?

In this article we offer you a series of gift ideas for children from about 3 to 5 years old.

Often, at this age, as their birthdays approach, children already have many desires that they do not hesitate to communicate to you. However, if you lack inspiration or if this list is limited to fifteen different Cars models, this article may be useful to you.


cooperative games

These are board games that can be played by several people, so if you have several children, this is an ideal gift! After playing a few games with them, they can then play with brothers and sisters, independently.

This type of game promotes mutual aid and communication; children learn to work in a team and develop their self-confidence. In some games, everyone wins or loses together. Solidarity is thus strengthened.

Ideas: Little Cooperation , A treasure hunt , Trotte quenotte , Le Verger , Karuba Junior

Musical instruments

They are great gifts for all ages, however, 4 years old might be a smart time as children can follow a melody and combine notes to form music. The famous Montessori bells , a 3-string guitar or a small ukulele are particularly suitable instruments. Musical activities exercise children's listening, memory and attention; they also strengthen learning abilities.

A magazine subscription

It's an original idea that we don't often think of. For 3-5 year olds, the choices are unfortunately quite limited, but Babar or Graou magazines are good alternatives.

On the other hand, after 5 years, the choice is much wider: I like to read , Yippee, I understood , La Petite Salamandre , Olalar , ... The benefits of reading no longer need to be demonstrated.

You can also share special moments with your child by reading the stories to them.

Practical life activities

They respond to the child's desire to imitate us with equipment adapted to the size of their hands and fingers. By repeating the same movement, the child refines his gestures and gains in autonomy. Thus, a tea service is a good idea for both girls and boys, but also a placemat to learn how to set the table, a lacing toy to learn sewing, or even a set of clothes to hang , etc. .


At this age, children can be very interested in puzzles. The large puzzles, which can be spread out on the floor, are challenging, fun and colourful. Adapt the number of rooms to the level of the child and favor themes that will stimulate their curiosity.
For example, for a child fascinated by sea animals, superb puzzles representing the seabed are available on the market.

The puzzle has many benefits, especially in terms of manipulation and concentration.

Ideas : Firefighter Jigsaw Puzzle / Puzzle 10 penguins

Tickets for a show

This is an opportunity to spend a friendly moment with the family: outing to the zoo, the aquarium, a children's concert, a dance show, an interactive and fun museum... This type of gift shows that the equipment is less important than sharing privileged moments with the family.

Real everyday objects

Finally, we end this article with real tools. Maria Montessori advocated the use of real everyday objects so that children learn to use them with care and in order to satisfy their desire to imitate us. It is obviously important to adapt these tools to the age and maturity of each child. We can think of binoculars , a microscope , a small toolbox , a wooden knife for cooking, a napkin , etc.

We hope this article has helped you find some good ideas!

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