Pas de lumière, pas de problème : des jeux passionnants à jouer dans l'obscurité

Games to do in the dark

Fear of the dark is a common anxiety that affects many children. We offer you activities to do in the evening, after dark, games in the dark that should reconcile them with the dark!

1. Gaze at the stars

Dress up and go out to see all the treasures the night has to offer. In the garden, in a park, in a dead end, building courtyard, all places are good to enjoy the riches of the sky. Obviously prefer a clear night where the stars are visible. For the lucky ones who have a telescope, it's time to get it out! For others, we invite you to print sheets on subjects that could possibly interest your little one: constellations, moon cycles, nocturnal animals... Many resources are easily accessible on the internet.

2. Hide and seek

We no longer need to explain the rules of traditional hide-and-seek! However, we offer you an alternative version in black. You can play it in the garden at night or in an apartment with the main lights off (leave some dim and soft lights if your child is very afraid of the dark). Everyone has a flashlight. Try to keep the games short so your child can get used to the darkness.

3. The cat-lamp

Here is a fun game that can be played in pairs or in groups, outdoors (at night) or indoors (lights off). Choose a cat and give it the flashlight. He must close his eyes and count to 30. When the game starts, the others must try at all costs to avoid the light by running, jumping on his stomach etc, ... When a player is touched (by the light of the lamp), he waits patiently for the end of the game. The last survivor wins the game (+ 1 point) and then becomes the cat in the next game.

4. A Chinese shadow theater

Choose a wall (interior or exterior) and project the light of one or more lamps onto it. The wall will then act as a screen on which the children can project the shadows of the shapes they will make with their hands. Do not hesitate to print tutorials to show them how to form a dog's head or a turkey!

You can also provide them with glue, blunt scissors, sticks and pieces of paper so that they can create new shapes!

5. Use phosphorescent chalks

You can easily order it online. Children will be curious and enthusiastic about playing with it, almost looking forward to the evening! There are many possibilities: draw on the ground in the neighborhood, draw a hopscotch and play it in the dark... You can also bring candles. There is also phosphorescent paint, but it can sometimes be more difficult to leave than chalk.

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