Expérience : pourquoi les pommes de pin s’ouvrent et se ferment ?

Experiment: Why do pine cones open and close?

Today we offer you a very simple science experiment to do at home. This is the perfect opportunity to use the pine cones that the little ones love to pick up in the park or in the woods.

Material :

  • 3 large bowls
  • Hot water and cold water
  • big pliers
  • A notebook (or a sheet) and a pen

    Course of the experience:

    1. Invite your child to fill the first bowl with cold water and place a pinecone in it with tongs. Observe. You will find that the pine cones float! Record your first result in a notebook.
    2. Then fill the second bowl with hot water. Observe. You will see that the pinecone scales close much faster in cold water.
    3. Then, suggest that your child grab the submerged pine cones with the tongs and place them in the last (empty) bowl. Observe. The pine cones are opening again!
    4. Record your results in your notebook. You can do this in the form of writing, drawing, ticking boxes… adapt the support according to your child's age.
    5. Store and clean together.

      Skills worked :

      • Observation
      • Scientific curiosity
      • Fine motor skills
      • Writing (if notebook) 

        Explanations :

        The scales of pine cones evolve according to the humidity of their environment. They relax and open when warm and dry to release their seeds. They close up in the cold and humidity.

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